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Article by Tristan.

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Like the death of Georges Floyd has shed light on the injustice suffered by people of colour across the whole world, we have a right to hope that the Marylin Manson story will change the mentality regarding sexual assaults endured by womenacross the music business (and everywhere else).

So I come to you today to talk about a something that isn't new, a subject which is rotting humanity, men, I mean the human beeing, shit, there is no word like "women" to discribe our kind...

Anyhow, you have probably already understood that I am here to discuss the heavy phallocratic heritage imposed on women ever since we could stand up (or maybe, and most likely, since we invented God...), the heavy burden that is given to them since their very birth: You must be a mother, house keeper, nurse, married, slutty, submitted, smilling, loving, dumb ( I'll stop there because, strangely, the list is long), and all that to serve men in a completely unjustified manner, unjustified and certainly unfair.

Infact, the more I look for a reason to justify this logique of cultural and religious discrimination, the less I find...none. I must say that the words "religion" and "logique" don't really fit together.

I'm getting away from the subject, (or maybe not), let's get back to the case of Marylin Manson, it seems important to me to say that, at the moment, it is only allegations coming from a majority of women who have shared the intimacy of M.M... His culpability is yet to be confirmed but whatever the verdict might be, I do believe that it is a symtom or the symbol of an aging and rotten industry which has for too long used the female body as a source of marketing the attract the typical male jerk at the instar of bands such as Motley Crue or Manowar just to name a few.

Because the image of women, said sexually liberated, strangely correspond to male expectations: No or little clothing, offered, submissive, dumb,

laying down on a bike, a car, or even guitar, ect... and it is unfortunately anchored in a whole part of the rock/metal culture.

The smarter of us will say that, by the way, these women want this, that they love rockstars, ect, ect...except if they were their mothers or sisters...

It is unfortunatelly indeniable that seeing an album cover featuring a certain part of the female body creates sales...Even some women are conviced that this is truly a form of freedom and defend this image, distorted and phallocratic.

But again, back to Marylin Manson, I have read certain comments from unlightened analysts on social media saying that they surely deserved it, after all, what were they expecting by going out with M.M.? Or better yet, that it must be awesome to be raped by a rockstar...

I leave you the judge of that...

At the end of the day, M. Manson has used his deviance as a marketing tool, hiding his dark side from the everyday world, disguised behing an artistic approach, that, at the end, wasn't really one, maybe just a way of life... If like me you have assisted to one of his last performance, I think we can safely said that it has surely satisfied some alcoholic jerks out there.

There was truly tell all signs, I will mention one to validate this article:

Extract from "The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell", published in 1998:

"We started to press her nipples and stimulated her genitals... We were laughing bacause we were both drunk, but not as drunk as she was (...) I found a lighter and started to burn her pubic hair. Even though it didn't hurt her, it didn't make her feel better either."

Now, I already can hear the freedom of speech suporters telling me " yeah, but you don't understand, it's art, it's part of his artistic image, all of this is contributing to the legend...". Fuck the legend! Freedom stop when it suppresses the blossoming of another.

It is time that the era of powerfull men, helping themselves to the terrified herd of goats cease to exists, that the predators of all kind cease to have the right of way, it would change the world for the better.

For those who remain in doubt, I invite you to go and watch the documentary on BBC One tittled "Music"s Dirty Secrets: Women Fight Back", it is quite terrifying and eddifying.

Now is the time to leave behing those dinosaured driven by hate and the need for power die alone in their own vomit, and allow the rebirth of music sharing and respectful of others, a colourfull music, filled with human diversity.

Fucking backstage will always be better when both people (or more!) are having fun...

Women impose themselves more and more across the rock and metal scene, coming in strong with magnificiant music and that, in every genre. Let's open our minds and our ears, let's judge them on their qualities instead of the colour of their skins, or what is between their legs, or the shape of their heads...

I will end by saying that the world belongs to men from the start, knowing the shit result that we know, maybe we should leave it to women, just to see what they can do with it, it certainly can't be worse...

Thank you All, Take care.

Sophie K, Alyx Holcombe and Yasmine Summan have discussed this subject in their podcast "We Wear Black", in relation to the allegations directed at Marylin Manson.

[...]We discuss the allegations by Evan Rachel Wood & more against Marilyn Manson, and a wider glimpse and how the rock & metal industry has enabled and glorified this behaviour for far too long. [...] 🚨if you are triggered by sexual assault, rape, domestic abuse, or abuse of any kind PLEASE listen with caution. This episode goes into lengthy detail about these topics 🚨

Link to the podcast below:

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