VODUN Interview

Could you introduce the members of the band? Our band consists of 3 members : ZEL (OGUN), LINZ (THE MARASSA) CHANTAL (OYA). We respectively embody several Vodun spirits in our live shows in order to give over a completely visceral performance and a strong aesthetic. Could you describe your music? Why did you choose this name “ Vodun”? Our music is a mix of heavy rock, soul, blues, tribal rhythms & some psychedelia. We chose the name ‘Vodun’ as it’s the basis for a number of belief systems around the world related to Voodoo. We wanted to shine a little light on the history, and true nature of the West African practice, whilst tying in a move back to animism, totemism & spirituality, and away from consumerism. Could you tell me a little more about Possession, and the process of writing? The writing process for this album was quite collaborative with each of us bringing forth our eclectic influences to the table. The base would start with either a guitar riff, or drum beat, then the melody and lyrics would be added. We would all have a hand in manipulating the structure and peripheral elements of the songs, such as harmonies, percussion, and the links in between the songs. ​​ What band did influence you? Artists, songs or albums? I believe we have a very broad mix of musical interests, as I come from a soul/gospel & RnB background. Zel, (drummer) hails from a more punk, pop and metal background. Linz (guitarist) come from a very Rock n roll, and metal background. Collectively we enjoy bands like System of a Down, Queens of a Stone Age, Metallica. The soul influence comes from people like Aretha Franklin & Stevie Wonder, and the more Afro-centric side comes from people like Fela Kuti & his sons. What about ZEAL AND ARDOR? How do you feel about their music? Zeal & Ardor have a fantastic mix of heavy sludgy at times rock, with gospel, almost old spiritual vocals. I think the mix is very new and brilliant. Unfortunately we missed their London show at The Underworld back in April, as we were then on tour ourselves. Do you think of a possible collaboration? (that could be awesome !! IF we had the chance! I’d jump at it. I might get in contact for the second album perhaps. lol What do you think about the music business today? It’s constantly changing. The move from record companies to a more DIY way of producing music, has its merits, as musicians are in more control of what they produce, and can connect to their fans more directly. However, trying to ay a living being an artist is more difficult, as you need to raise more capital yourself to support your artistry. How was the European tour? The tour was amazing! We played in Spain for the first time ever to a couple of packed events, that appeared to be sold out, even on a Tuesday & Wednesday. That was pretty special to us, as we had no clue as to what to expect. Some people had flown over to see us again after catching us at Hellfest. We met some amazing people, who were so very generous to us. We even had time to stop off at Monte Blanc for a few hours on our way up to Rotterdam from Italy. We hope to tour Europe again next year. We really hope to see you again! What could we wish to you? Wish us a successful second album, so we can come out and tour again! Thanks!

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