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The Defiants album "Zokusho" to be released on vinyl December 4th

Available on December 4th 2020, the vynil version of The Defiants album "Zukosho" will only be released as a limited edition. Only 300 will be available worldwide, and exclusively fron Frontiers' U.S and E.U.

It will be the first vinyl release from the band.

Pre-order here:

Members: Paul Laine ( Danger Danger)

Bruno Ravel

Rob Marcello

Tracklist: 1. Love Is The Killer

2. Standing On The Edge

3. Hollywood In Headlights

4. Fallin' for you

5. Hold On Tonight

6. Allnighter

7. U X'd My Heart

8. It Goes Fast

9. Stay

10. Alive

11. Drink Up!

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