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With the curtains finally set to close on a tumultuous year, music fans can rest assured that 2021

brings the promise of an exciting new hard rock obsession in the form of South coast outfit TARRASKA. Formed by lifelong friends Jack Lande and Benjamin Parker, Tarraska are thrilled to let loose their latest single - the addictive and feel-good foot-tapper, 'Renegade'. The tale of Tarraska is one of constant progression. Originally joining forces in 2014, Lande and Parker performed as an acoustic duo, playing a mixture of cover songs and an increasing library of original material to hundreds of audiences across the country. The pair's sound naturally began to pull towards heavier environments as they began to inject more of their own personal influences into their music; Subtle hints towards the music of Slash, Foo Fighters, Van Halen and Alter Bridge began to bleed into their song writing...thus, Tarraska was officially "born" in 2019. Following on from previous single 'Trailblazer' and available to stream and purchase now, Tarraska's ‘Renegade’ began life as a fan favourite during Lande and Parker's time as an acoustic act. The transformation from acoustic to electric has prompted an evolution in both the scope and depth of the track, resulting in an action-packed journey of sing-along vocal melodies, impressive riffs, deep-seated groove and sizzling hot, anthemic energy. The track saw its first airplay on Great Music Stories and has since been aired on Steamhouse Rock Nights.


The narrative of 'Renegade' depicts the intense battle of emotions felt for a forbidden lover. Rational conscience wars with an emotionally motivated heart, weighing up the pleasure of giving in with the consequences that could come after. “The lyrics are an internal monologue, of sorts", comments Tarraska vocalist Jack Lande, "serving as a warning to the subject against lowering his guard in the face of real but ephemeral desires. In the moment, it might seem like a good idea to throw caution to the wind and go with your heart, but you have to steady yourself and think about the bigger impact of your actions.” "'Renegade' evolved a great deal during the transition from live acoustic performances to a fully-fledged hard rock track", Lande continues. "The recording process injected an incredible amount of dynamism and urgency by forcing us to solidify the live version's more freeform structure and requiring us to reach a new plateau in terms of technique and writing. As such, we're really happy with the finished product and hope that the listener will feel the same way." Tarraska's 'Renegade' is available to stream and download now via Spotify and iTunes. The band will return in 2021 to release their debut album - stay up-to-date on all announcements via their Facebook.


Jack lande - Vocals and guitar

Benjamin Parker - lead guitar

session musician Shaun Brown - drums on "Renegade"

('Renegade' features a performance from session musician Shaun Brown - Drums) TARRASKA ONLINE:

Facebook: Instagram:


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