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SLOW CRUSH Unveil New Single 'Swoon' Off The Upcoming Album 'Hush', Out on October 22nd

Internationally celebrated Belgian shoegazers SLOW CRUSH’ have just released "Swoon," the next single and music video off their upcoming sophomore album "Hush” (their first since 2018), due out on October 22nd via Quiet Panic.

Stream the new single "Swoon" HERE:

Watch the music video HERE:

Video by Jeroen Jullet - a Jerry's Joint

Pre-order the album HERE:

'Hush’ is the gloomy & dreamy sophomore album by Belgium based and internationally celebrated shoegazers, Slow Crush. The album radiates moonlit warmth through a haze of abrasive whirling layered guitars and soul soothing vocals by Isa Holliday.

The lull of wistful longing and tranquil bearing, contrasting cascading echoes of beautiful noise, 'Hush' surpasses their highly acclaimed debut album ‘Aurora’ in both song writing and musicianship.

After touring pretty much nonstop all over the world from the end of 2018 until January 2020, including tours with bands like Pelican, Torche, Soft Kill, Gouge Away, and playing festivals like Road Burn, Arctangent, 2000Trees, Groez Rock, Slow Crush was forced to take a touring break when Covid-19 hit.

Having to cancel two European tours and one US tour last minute was actually a blessing in disguise, allowing the band, centered around Isa Holliday & Jelle Harde Ronsmans, to regroup & rethink. Despite the lack of live shows, 2020-2021 was anything but “calm” for the band. The unexpected success of their debut album ‘Aurora’ and the impact that heavy touring had already taken on their private lives was intensified with the departure of two band members and the need to train/work in their replacements. Shortly after, their label ‘Holy Roar Records’ imploded, leaving the band without a home.

‘Hush’ is the result of songs written in between tours, unexpected downtime during a pandemic and turbulent times.

At the end of 2020, focus was shifted towards finishing their 2nd album and this resulted in an album with stark contrast. Some of their darkest but hope filled music to date was recorded.

Be sure to catch Slow Crush on tour throughout Europe and the USA in 2022.


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