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Review Random Rants Of Repressed Relevance ROAST DOG

Witness how this one played out for me: "hmmmm, not sure if I'll like the name you say...." "8 bit metal?" "....looks a bit like a comic book cover" "Latvia, cool....I remember dancing with a Latvian dude at this international cultural festival thing I went to when I was 15....he was really nice" "Wait. Roast Dog?" "Oh alliteration!" Alas, I am forever a geek. I was reeled in with the alliteration in the album title. I am curious how the band name came to fruition, though. This one has been out for a bit. It was released on March 17 of this year via Bandcamp. Here have a link. "Random Rants of Repressed Relevance" I admit I really had no idea what I was getting into when I hit the play button. The 8-bit metal reference, and "Luigi" in the title of track one are solid indicators of this being a gamer friendly piece, but nonetheless, one needs to approach things such as this with an open mind. If you are a metal purist, this may not be your thing. This stuff comes from a dimension where prog is king, technology is queen, and technical metal melodies play in the castle courtyard. When I encounter an instrumental album with longer song titles, one of the first things that comes to mind is "does the music live up to the heavy word usage in each title". Yes. I'm dead serious. Don't give your song a flowery title if it proves to be weak in structure....just a pet peeve. Anyway......I was not disappointed. This music sounds heavily programmed to my ears. In point of fact, it reminds me of those insomnia induced nights of binge playing my way across my game library. Don't get the wrong idea, though. Programmed is certainly not a bad thing when the creator has produced a piece of music that is quite complex yet pleasing to the ear. That is exactly what has happened here. The only real knock I have on it is related to my synesthesia. If you have wiring like me, this may be a ticket to sensory overload. It surrounded me in this weird pink shade. Do you remember day glo colors from the 80's? It was like those. Nonetheless, it's still a fun piece of music. For the record, I plan to download "99%" and run it with my Beat Hazard game when I finish writing this entry. I expect space ship blasting chaos to ensue. It's gonna rock. Little luck was had in finding any bio for this project. However, the bandcamp page credits Mārtiņš Ķeire with music, guitars, and programming. You, dear Mārtiņš, have quite the ear for big, proggy waves of sound that flow around the brain like an ocean current. You also have some impressive guitar skills. The guitars were the stand out part for me, along with the over all asthetic that is "prog". This strikes me as being mood specific music. At least for me, it isn't the type of sound that I will play every time I get in the car. It is, however, the perfect soundtrack for geek pursuits, whatever they may be at that moment. It's upbeat, full of details, and immersive. Here's the track list: Track 1) Luigi Has Always Been Cooler Track 2) How to Become an Organ Donor Track 3) 99% Track 4) That Little Kid Might Mug You One Day Track 5) The Missing Piece of the Puzzle <-----------------That one is my favorite :) I am curious to see what sort of other things Roast Dog has up its furry sleeve. Perhaps you will be, too. Here's another link for you: Check it. Later kids,

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