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Review Poisoned Blood WITCH VOMIT

Somebody said OSDM and I pricked up my ears.

Yes. Old School Death Metal. My favorite kind....Though I do lean heavily toward the European idea of OSDM, I feel like this is a distinct nod in that old school direction and worthy of my attention despite my bias toward the bands from across the pond. It's brutal without being too chaotic, and technically solid without being too "math metal" (ish).

How did I find these guys? Well, I went to see a band who had a band open for them that released their stuff through 20 Buck Spin, which has a Bandcamp page with other bands listed and this one jumped out at me.  Confused yet?


Poisoned Blood by Witch Vomit....released June 30.

There's an intro on this album that could easily be the opening to a horror movie. I can dig that. I like being reminded up front that what I'm about to hear is the kind of music that you crank up on your car stereo while sitting at a stoplight so your neighbor can look at you in shock, awe, and maybe even a little disgust. The 20 Buck Spin Bandcamp page mentions "slimy green rot leaking from crypt walls" in the description. I'll agree with that, but combine it with an odd shade of cayenne red and you can understand how it quickly became an oh so very uncomfortable synesthetic experience. Aural brutality, I tell you, and I fucking love it.

Let's take a look, shall we?

Track 1) Intro.....just trust me on this one, you'll feel like you're in a horror movie, which is cool, because this isn't the land of rainbows and unicorns kids

Track 2) Doomed in the Realm of the Dead....This is a fair mix of a sensory overloading death metal blast, and riffs that make you want to head bang or at the very least bob your head to the rhythm. This is proof that technique is by no means lost in Witch Vomit's style.

Track 3) Circle of Blood.....Is that a death metal song title or what? I like how they have struck a balance between groovy riffs and spine shaking gutteral vocals.  One never overtakes the other.

Track 4) Accursed Temple of the Great Deceiver.....If a torture chamber had a soundtrack, this would be it.  It's a methodical assembly of guts, fire, brains, and guitar attacks whose one true purpose is to destroy any sense of calm you had before you hit play.

Track 5) Fevers of Torment.....This is what it sounds like to be swallowed by the gaping maw of Hell itself and regurgitated out into a pool of blood, bones, and blast beats. 

Seriously though, this album is proof positive that you can play the most brutal music with solid technique and not sound like a half assed wannabe with a guitar and no sense. If you have any taste whatsoever for the OSDM sound, then I know you will like this one. Witch Vomit has taken elements of a style with staying power and put their own spin on it, creating a sound that is home for death metal fans, but not at all boring, repetitive, or cliche. They get it. You can tell.

I'm in a death metal mood.

I think I'll keep hunting.

Later kids,

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