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Review Lex Amentia ORDER

Much change has been afoot in my wide world of weird. Ha! You just thought you were rid of me.....

Seriously, though, do you ever go through those times where no matter what you do, nothing new grabs you so you cling to the stuff you've been listening to for many months if not years?  That's been me the past few weeks.  Some upheaval on a personal level, changes in jobs, living spaces, hometown, you name it, it will wear you down rather quickly.

Then Chester died and that sort of pushed me over the edge.

When the world is nothing but incoherent noise, sometimes the best thing to do is crank up the music.  That, dear friends, is how I found this week's obsession.  The album is an addictive balance of timely symbolism, strikingly similar opinions, and as their Bandcamp page says a "legendary line up".

Meet the band ORDER, and the album "Lex Amentiae", released July 28 on Listenable Records.  The phrase lex amentiae translates to "the law of insanity".  Believe me, living in America, I can identify with this concept all to well.

This album is Nordic black death metal to the core.  Then again, I wouldn't expect any less from such a line up.  I know I should list the members at this point, but I would be running the risk of this entry reading more like a novel and less like an opinion piece, plus it would obviously get really.....really.....long.  I love the other projects these dudes are in, and I'm wordy so I know I wouldn't be able to shut myself up.  Just take my word for it and check out the Bandcamp page.

Here's the track list:

1) Winter

2) Prophet

3) Torquemada

4) Dugma

5) Procreation of the Wicked

6) Victimized

7) Folly Grandeur

8) Order

This is my kind of riff therapy.  Each song on the album is a solid representation of the Nordic black death metal sound, with a little bit of groove here and there.  I admit, that part surprised me.  I wasn't expecting an album, especially one NOT done by a stoner band to have this much head bobbing groove.  It legitimately stands out above all the masterfully crafted black metal elements.  I know you're thinking of other bands with a groove element.  I did too.  This stuff is a notch higher on the metal food chain.  It reaches into your brain and grabs that primal part of you that is equal parts angry metal fan and head banging lover of all things guitar made.

Seriously, you will want to pump your fist in the air like an 80's era metal music video extra.....

If you've read past entries, you know I'm a fan of balance.  I love heavy music that, via phenomenal playing skills or amazing production (or both) doesn't drown out any particular instrument. If it's there, I don't like having to struggle to hear it.  I know we can all think of an album that sounds dirty and muddled in places that it shouldn't.  You never get that with this album.  It's machine gun quick drum skills, classic black metal vocals, albeit with a bit less treble than a lot of black death metal bands, thus the death element I suppose, and it is guitars....great big glorious six string shredding that makes me think “I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy.” (you remember the scene with Alice Cooper in “Wayne's World” right? ;)

Nope, I'm not worthy of such awesomeness....but I'm damn sure gonna buy the album and share it with my neighbors.  Here's to black death metal and sharing it at high volumes.



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