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Motions BY Red Lama LABEL All Good Clean Records RELEASE 23 February 2018


Johannes Havemann Kissov Linnet: Vocal, Morten Kaas: Organ, harmonica and other effects, Marius Havemann Kissov Linnet: Drums, Frederik Randrup Hansen: Bass, Jonas Harboesgård Rahbek: Guitar, Oliver Asbjørn Fick: Guitar, Niklas Sjøbeck Jørgensen: Percussion

Could you introduce your band?

We are a band consisting of seven band members with a solid base in a studio, just outside of central Copenhagen.

 We have been playing together for six years now, and things have developed very naturally for the band throughout the years.

With a collective consciousness about the free expression in our music, we all take part in the songwriting process - all though Johannes(the singer) mainly

writes the lyrics and melodies of the vocal. The band was based upon some deep inspirations in the more psychedelic genres and bands from the late 60’s and 70’s,

but the later years our sound have been catching more various waves, beats and melodies from other music traditions. 

 Your Music style?

A good blend of psych, prog rock, stoner, world music(mostly west african) art rock and art pop

We have labelled ‘our’ genre and songs moodrock, which frames the atmosphere and sound of the coming album pretty good.  

Your Label?

All Good Clean Records

Where do you come from?

Most of us grew up in a city called Svendborg in the middle of Denmark, but we formed the band after moving to the capital

with the other guys, who is from another part of Denmark.

Story of the band :

The band was actually formed after a concert with a legendary danish psychedelic group called Spids Nøgenhat(Liberty Cap) at Roskilde Festival. Some of the members of

our band was amazed by the style of music and the crazy feeling after the concert at four or five in the morning, so they decided to form our band.

The first years went on with strong beers, jams and trashed rehearsal rooms, until we really found each other in the music and wanted to start recording some songs to share.

Could you tell us more about your new album “Motions” out 23rd Febuary!

Reality - what it comes from and what it can become - is exactly the main theme on ‘Motions’ as is the idea of movements and the interrelation of all things. We are all a product of the humans and actions that precede us in the same manner that posterity always will be influenced by the motions we initiate and the actions we perform. Hereby, we are seeking to describe an immersion into reality where it reveals itself through motions as well as distorted states of reality, that displays the mystical and alternate in the world. Our band works with a form of magical realism,

where the ones submerging into the world are likely to also experience those facettes of transcendence and the mystical that can express itself through motions and ‘glitch’. The album artwork is created by the artist Nikolaj Hollænder and depicts a wave washing up on a tourist beach. What might appear as a skyline of tourist hotels is instead a glitch, a stretched and distorted representation of reality that can challenge normal perceptions.

Thus on ‘Motions’, Our band is balancing between thematics of reality and consciousness and a compelling synthesis of several decades of spiritual rock music, which as a whole conjures a captivating narrative for the body and mind in eternal movement.

What is your influences? (Bands, movies, books...)

Goat, The Doors, Radiohead, Can, Elder to name a few. 

Could you tell me more about your music video Come what may And the story of the central character?

Overall it’s about living your life without holding back or at least let your mind travel in the paths you want it to. As the albums trying to storyline, the video is also playing with a balance between reality and consciousness.

It’s open for once own interpretations of the narrative of the central character.

The music video was shoot and directed in Copenhagen by the talented guys Anthon Brouneus and Azariah Bjorvig.

As a great bonus info, the three characters in the video (besides the central character played by the actor Peter Ousager) is members of the band.

Last word for the French audience?

We are really happy to share the album with you guys. It has been a long and intens period of writing and recording, and we are really satisfied with the result and sound. We hope you like the songs and hopefully one day we

will come to France performing the concerts of our lives. With gratitude -

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