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Our Hollow, Our Home dropped a brand new music video for ‘’Better Daze’’ from their upcoming album !

Our Hollow, Our Home became quickly one of the most important bands to watch in the UK metal scene, don’t miss their brand new music video ‘’Better Days’’.

Based in Southampton (UK) the band wrote this song to support their fans or anybody who listening in these hard times. More than that, Our Hollow, Our Home dedicate their whole album ‘’Burn in the flood’’ to their fan base thanks to the huge inspiration they’re giving to the band !

To wait until the 28th May for their new album, don’t forget to check the brand new music video of “Better Daze’’ !

Full Tracklisting is as follows:

1: Burn In The Flood

2: Failsafe

3: In Retrospect

4: Monarch

5: Better Daze

6: Nerv Feat. Oli Duncanson

7: Overcast

8: Remember Me Feat. Ryo Kinoshita

9: Children Of Manus Feat. Lochie Keogh

10: Blood

11: Seven Years (Shine A Light On Me)

The album will be released in a variety of formats (including vinyl) and special merch bundles are available for pre-order HERE

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