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NOVA TWINS. An iconic duo that´s not afraid to speak out the truth in the metal scene !

On stage, the NOVA TWINS deliver powerful performances that are heavy on riffs and have strong bass lines. Their enthusiasm is contagious, and are always leaving their crowds shook. The duo flies the flag out loud and proud for women and people of color in alternative music scene.

NOVA TWINS, are comprised of guitarist Amy Love and bassist Georgia South from London. They have been making highly enjoyable noise for the last seven years without making a huge name for themselves yet. None other than Rage Against The Machine's Tom Morello described the duo as "the best band you've never heard of" after they supported Prophets Of Rage. The pair are also nominated for the One To Watch In Association With BBC Music Introducing at the AIM Independent Music Awards competing with upcoming artists such as Lava La Rue and ENNY.

There is no doubt that Georgia South´s relentless and unique bass and the tortured and incisive singing of Amy Love what makes the engine of NOVA TWINS´s fiery music.They mix a heavy bass, punk and rock with a touch of modernity in order to give life to their amazing songs.

Watch NOVA TWINS´s music video ¨Play Fair¨ !

In 2019, they played at Afro Punk in Brooklyn, where the pair met Fever333´s Jason Aalon Butler. He offered a deal and they signed with 333Wreckords after a long time not wanting to attach or affiliate themselves to a label.

The pair were childhood friends and played in bands that were frequently booked on the same bill. In 2014, they established their band BRAATS and released the song Bad B*tches. Later that summer, they officially decided to name themselves NOVA TWINS and in the following April, they released their debut single Bassline B*tch.

Check out NOVA TWINS´s debut single ¨Bassline B*itch !

They´re very woke about themes such as diversity and racism in the rock and metal scene. NOVA TWINS speak out about it and express themselves by writing their own daily experiences in order to transform them into something their fans can get lost in, or find themselves in… They are all for diversity in the scene because it does exist and people don´t see enough of these artists potential and talent. NOVA TWINS also help shine the spotlight on alternative POC artists through their charity compilation Voices For The Unheard. Where all the funds made will go to towards The Black Curriculum in order to address Black History to the British curriculum.

Listen to ¨Voices For The Unheard¨ on Spotify !

According to the duo, last year´s Black Lives Matter movement helped push forward the alternative scene in a strong way. Especially POC artists. In some way, the movement helped them out as well.

¨People always look up to who they can see themselves in. If you had more people of color performing at festivals, you´d start to see that reflect in the audience because at our shows it´s really diverse because we push that message forward and we are of color too.¨ - Georgia South

When NOVA TWINS started out, the music industry didn´t know how to categorize them due of how they look compared to most of the artists in the scene.

¨Oh, are they urban because they are of color ? They were confused. How could they be heavy metal and beyond the kind of rockier playlist. They look at us different to what we know rock is.¨ - Georgia South

According to Amy Love, there is a distinct dearth of representation for POC alternative musicians and artists in the United Kingdom. Despite the fact that the music business promotes R&B and Hip-Hop singers. However, in Rock and Metal POC artists are largely left out.

At the moment, NOVA TWINS have really made a name for themselves by standing up for what they want and believe is right in the world of alternative music. They recently collaborated with Bring Me The Horizon on the explosive single 11 .

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