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“It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.” - Herman Melville

A quote that encapsulates this eclectic quintet, Mouth Culture hails from Leicester, UK; a small, bustling city that is usually disregarded when you think of the UK music scene. With the likes of fellow Leicester bands Kasabian and Easy Life, Mouth Culture are aiming to be a household name in their city.

MC formed in 2019 and has already racked 100's of thousands of streams and played sold-out shows. Inking a deal with InVogue Records in the fall of 2020, the band just released their label debut single "ihatesadsongs" that is an indie-rock anthem. The new single takes influence from Turnover, Citizen and many others in the scene. The pandemic might have set them back from playing live shows but the band has ramped up their online presence until they can hit the road.

Welcome to Mouth Culture.


Music Video

Vocalist Jack Voss says, "Ihatesadsongs is a sad song. We’ve really embraced our DIY roots with this one, it’s a bit of a psychotic, but melancholic jam, inspired by the year 2020. We meal-dealed it with a music video filmed in lockdown, shot and directed by our guitarist Jacob. For us, ihatesadsongs is a zeitgeist for the moment, a feel good pop song for a society emerging from the unknown. Even though 2020 has posed a whole set of new challenges, we have been working hard in the studio, exploring, and experimenting with our sound. We’re Mouth Culture and we fucking hate sad songs."

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