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Los Angeles Indie/Funk/Punk Band ESPRESSO Drop New Single + Video "Bottles"

LA indie/funk/punk 4-piece Espresso has just dropped a new single titled "Bottles" which is now streaming on digital platforms:

Stream the music video here:

The band has been active in the Echo Park/Silver Lake DIY scene and beyond since 2015, winning fans over at beloved venues like The Smell, Highland Park’s recently shut down Hi-Hat, and the Echo. Since forming, the band has played well over 200 shows from California’s Coast to New York, and many places in between.

While the pandemic has delayed future touring plans indefinitely, the members, including, Colin Martin, Dashel Dupuy, Alex Gutierrez-Kovner, and newly added Ardem Gourdikian, have been busy working on new material, which they plan to release in the weeks and months ahead.

Espresso sticks out like a beautiful sore thumb in the ever-monotonous music scene in Los Angeles. Binding together aspects of funk and punk music, Espresso provides nothing but raw energy and pure fun. Grooves are never shortcoming, thus the urge to dance takes control of the body, propelling the crowd together to form a sea of unity in motion. Each band member provides top-tier musicianship and presence to the music that will make you think, and smile with rhythm.

With years of playing, touring, and recording under their belt, they’ve proven their dedication and relevance. Completely self-made, Espresso is ready to take themselves and their audience to the next level. Their influences include Talking Heads, The Doors, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sublime, and Funkadelic, diversifying their style, bringing out a rich quality of songwriting and musicianship.

Audiences can follow the adventure on their social media where they offer a glimpse into their world, music, and lives.

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