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Long Island, NY's Card Reader Releasing 'Mental Scars' EP on November 10

Card Reader is a pop-punk band from Long Island, NY. A quartet consisting of guitarist/vocalist Tom Petito, drummer Rob Cigliano, guitarist Marc Lambert and bassist/vocalist Matt Sullivan. The group is getting ready to launch their first EP release “Mental Scars” on Tuesday, November 10th. This release follows up their debut single "Familiar Voices” as well as their two other independent releases "True Enemy" and "Sore Eyes" made earlier in 2020.

Card Reader has forged ahead to provide fans with more music in 2020. This time with the added experience and vocal presence from their new bassist Matt Sullivan. They attacked writing their new EP with the goal of reinforcing positivity and pushing the boundaries of their sound. Veteran music industry producers Nik Bruzzese (Man Overboard) and Ace Enders (The Early November) provide a strong boost of confidence behind the release. The self-titled lead off track “Mental Scars” also features a guest vocal appearance by Ryan Beebe of the Philadelphia based band Goalkeeper. An exciting first-time collaboration for both bands.

Card Reader founder Tom Petito elaborated on the process of creating the new EP. “We didn’t hesitate. We got right back in the studio and challenged ourselves to push the envelope on what we started. This EP is called Mental Scars because everybody has them. We all live with our past mistakes and failures. The difference is how we use them. We wanted to convey a message that inspires using your past as your greatest weapon. It’s not about anyone else but yourself. Create new motivation and hold yourself accountable for your dreams. Most importantly never give up on who you are.”

Produced by Nik Bruzzese (Man Overboard). Recorded at The LumberYard Hammonton, NJ. Mastered by @rogueplanetmastering Artwork by @Dan_Buksa .

Stream the "Metal Scars" Music Video:

Directed by Sean Ageman @WashedUpMedia.

The song is available for FREE download on until 11/10 ('Mental Scars' EP release date).


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