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Joel Hoekstra's 13 : nouvel album

Joel Hoekstra, guitariste actuel de Whitesnake et Trans-Siberian Orchestra, sortira son album RUNNING GAMES le 12 février 2021.

En attendant, découvrez " HARD TO SAU GOODBYE ", l'un des 12 titres de son album.

Joel Hoekstra, current guitarist for Whitesnake and Trans-Siberian Orchestra, will release his album RUNNING GAMES on February 12, 2021.

Discover "HARD TO SAU GOODBYE", one of the 12 tracks from his album.


01. Finish Line

02. I’m Gonna Lose It

03. Hard To Say Goodbye

04. How Do You

05. Heart Attack

06. Fantasy

07. Lonely Days

08. Reach The Sky

09. Cried Enough For You

10. Take What’s Mine

11. Running Games

12. Lay Down Your Love (Bonus Track - Digital)

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