Could you introduce your band?

Travis: We are a Celtic inspired Rock and Roll band, with a Punk Rock background and a love of melody and songs.

Where do you come from?

Travis: Prague Czech Republic and County Sligo Ireland

How everything started ?

Vojta: Back in 2006 when I started to play bagpipes with straight forward intention to have this band. It was a loong way up to „The Second Chapter“ album. This part of our history started by 2 years break in 2016 when Travis and Rafan joined in to create even more unique sound of Pipes and Pints.

Could you tell us more about your new album: The Second Chapter?

Travis: This was created after the guitar player and new singer were onboard. Wanted to create a rocking album of singable, melodic songs that stay with you long after you finish listening. Vojta: I am really really happy about songs from this album. There is everything from rippin fast rock and roll to slow emotive balads. I was missing this kind of music so much. We have been creating this album in assilum for retarded people together with our producer Yarda Helešic and recorded it in one of the best equiped Red Bull Studios Berlin. Cant wait to be back on tour in France to introduce new songs live in full power.

how did you work on this album? who writes the songs?

Travis: We all pretty much work together, everyone has their part to play to create the Pipes and Pints sound. Vojta: True. Usually someone comes with the first spark, first idea, wheter i tis a riff, melody or beat. Together we create the final thing out o it. Travis is author of all the lyrics.

Could you tell us more about the documentary "The Second Chapter Making Of" by Pipes and Pints. Is it important for you to share these moments with your fans?

Travis: Yes very important, we are writing songs about unity and how our fanbase is like family, which they are, so it is important to give back by sharing our journey. Vojta: Also this ocasion was very special. It was our first time at such a pro studio and we wanted to have a memory and show it to our people. The proces was pretty tough, due to the break without shows, so the recording was a big catarsis of our jurney. Literarly opening the second chapter of Pipes and Pints and we loved the idea that you all can be with us through this document.

“Shadow on your wall” music video is out now, how did you work on this music video ?

Travis: We work with some really talented people, we loved the concept of the shadow representing our outer self and sets us apart from how we really feel. loved working on this video.

Is there any tour in preparation?

Travis: We are constantly moving and touring however we do have an amazing Tour coming in France with les Ramoneurs de Menhir, starting on November 16 in Paris. Vojta: Cant wait to be on this tour, i believe it is going to be a propper celtic madness. We became friends many years ago and finally we can hit the road together.

Do you feel concerned by the environmental cause? At which level ?

Travis: yes we are all a bit environmentally aware, we are an official Sea Shepherd artist and have 2 vegans and 2 vegetarians in the band, we try and recycle and do our best as one should do I suppose. Vojta: Of course. Durring the break I was trying to change the world by working in renewable energy projects, developing new exciting systems to create and save energy. Stile highly interested in new technology, but only as a fan and supporter now.

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