Interview Hällas The astral travelers

Naya Zamiel: First of all thank the interview. We are very happy to be able to do it, the metal team mad tv and I are pleased.

Tommy Alexandersson: Hi i hope everyone of you are having a great day!

NZ: First of all, I want to thank you for the opportunity you are giving me in this interview. My most sincere thanks, all my admiration and respect for you. How does this astral dream start? How does Hällas start?

TA: The band started in 2011 in my hometown of Jönköping. At that point we had a vision of creating a heavy rock band with influences that we loved and appreciated the most and also a band free to express our musicality. In 2011 we were only three members but today we have grown to be five.

NZ: "Hällas" What is the meaning of the name?

TA: The name Hällas is actually a nick name of the first guitarist of the band. His name was spelled hellas just like Greece in Greek but as we are from Sweden we thought it would be cool with an Ä instead of an e, the pronunciation is the same. Hällas is also the name of the knight in our songs.

NZ: In my country, Mexico, it is very strange that the boys are inclined by the love of Progressive Rock. When I heard "Star Rider" I fell in love with you, in fact the sound was so perfect, that immediately I started to investigate more about his career, so much so that I ran to get his two albums, and when I met the faces of after These magical pieces are astonished to see that he was young. How was your first contact with this progressive rock?

TA: My parents had queen records when i grew up and as i consider Queen being a prog band i think that was the first contact with the genre. But at that point i thing long curvy songs with many different parts was something i didn't enjoy very much. It have grown over the years i think, and today prog-rock is the most interesting genre for me.

NZ: Who are your main musical influences within the Progressive?

TA: There are two band that i listen to a lot. Genesis and Camel. And i have to say Genesis is the best. There way of painting pictures with instruments and music is marvelous and astonishing. They are always doing something unpredictable. Listening to there songs is like watching a movie. I also like the dramatical turns and the closeness to the theatrical way of expressing the music, art and stage scenery.

NZ: What the reason to start a band of this genre?

TA: The genre contains a wide spectra of variety in everything. Therefore we are not chained to any specific genre like saying we are only a heavy metal band, that wouldn't be true. We like to mix influences and the way of writing songs. There are many progressive bands that in my opinion evolved the music that far that sometimes melody and structure of the songs went forgotten. And for me melodies will always be important and are something that i always want in my music. But of course i also want to try out things i haven't done before. In the old prog scene cloths and artwork was really important and that's something i also like very much.

NZ: How do you feel is the response of the public in Sweden and in the rest of the countries that appreciate your music?

TA: It´s great! People are very friendly and often we get good response from the crowd and people stop after the show to talk to us and that is nice of them.

NZ: Returning a little to the past. How was it to create the first song?

TA: In the beginning we worked a bit more easy with the songs then we do today. But in the beginning it was very exciting to write and see what we could do and how we could develop our music and sound.

NZ: The art that you use in your covers, posters, in the patches, in the t-shirts seems to me as the most beautiful thing. How do you choose or decide which art to use in each one? Are you the ones who are responsible for designing them?

TA: The art is really important for us and we are kind of picky. We are searching broade for designers and artist that is working in a way that fits us. We always have some ideés for the artist to work with, because for us the art is the thing where we could put a deeper sense to the music in one picture. From the beginning we did a lot of art and layout by ourselves but today we don't really have time for that. The art i do for Hällas is most smaller things like posters and also i did a lot of work on our music videos for “Star Rider” and “Autumn in space”. Marcus is also doing some of the paintings and layout. Also Kasper makes some of them.

NZ: If you could choose three countries to appear in, which countries would you choose?

TA: I would say Spain. I have been there many times but never played a show there and the scene seems to be really good. Iceland is another country I would like to go to. Iceland is close to Sweden but kind of hard to visit. There is something mystical about that country with ancient surroundings and history that i would like to see and check out more. Asia would be cool and to play in Japan. I don't know why but that country seems to have a exciting kulture. There are many countries and parts of the world i want to go to like north -and south america.

NZ: We will soon have news of new songs on your part?

TA: We are working on our next album but we are still at an early stage of the process. I have a good feeling of what to come and we have tons of material and ideas.

NZ: What message do you have for your fans around the world?

TA: Be proud of the music you listen to. Be nice to each other out there and have fun. I hope i see you on the road.

NZ: Mention your social networks or websites where you can find more information about you.

TA: Facebook: Hällas Instagram: hallasband

Homepage and webshop:

NZ: Again I appreciate the attention and send you all my good wishes from Mexico.

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