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Ayron Jones's music is described as a mixture of blues, hip-hop, grunge, hard rock and soul. Jones himself once described his own sound as "like if Michael Jackson played guitar like Jimi Hendrix in Kurt Cobain's band"

Watch Powerful Video for Top 15-and-Rising “Mercy”

"CHILD OF THE STATE" Track Listing:

1. Boys From the Puget Sound (Ayron Jones)

2. Mercy (Ayron Jones, Marti Frederiksen, Scott Stevens)

3. Take Me Away (Ayron Jones)

4. Supercharged (Ayron Jones, Nathan Barlowe, Caleb Owens)

5. Free (Ayron Jones, Andrew Fulk)

6. My Love Remains (Ayron Jones)

7. Killing Season (Ayron Jones, Dave Bassett)

8. Spinning Circles (Ayron Jones, Dave Bassett)

9. Baptized in Muddy Waters (Ayron Jones)

10. Hot Friends (Ayron Jones, Tarek Jafar, Paul Meany)

11. Emily (Ayron Jones)

12. Take Your Time (Ayron Jones)

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