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EGXBH's powerful new rock single “Eight46” is a voice of hope, a chance for a new beginning.

"Cause the whole world is burning, No matter what side you choose /

Cause everything is changing, So you better change too /

We're rising up from the gallows, Marching down from a hill /

Let 'em hear your voices proud as the new daffodils!"

EGXBH's powerful new single "EIGHT46" is out now. The Chicago band's latest track pulls you through a storm of emotion and the overwhelming disgust of how we as humans treat each other. The lyrics speak to all, no matter the color of your skin, sexual orientation-- who you choose to love or be-- and helps give voice to the belief that we should all just be kind and love one another.

The band has released the song as a double single, short version for radio play with a 5:29 runtime, and an extended version with a music video that takes you on a rollercoaster of emotion and tension for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, which was the exact time George Floyd was held down for before his life was abruptly taken.

Stream the video here:

Stream the track here:



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Patrick Goray vocals and guitarist states, "It took me a long time to piece together the chaos running through my head. Just trying to piece it together the right way to answer all the questions of why this had to happen? Why didn't anyone try to stop the cops from taking his life? What can we do to stand up and help? When I first started to write words for this it was more about using phrases filled with hate, anger, and not understanding. I wasn't taking the time to step back and gather everything that was going on. After multiple renditions of writing the song we, as a band, finally found our voice. We finally felt that we found the right way to pay respect and still say what we needed to say strongly with a powerful message behind the song."

He adds, "When we created the video it was the same idea: something powerful yet simple so you can grasp onto the words and emotions that we felt while writing it. We used the daffodils inside a Molotov throughout the video to symbolize change and rebirth of all destruction caused by us as humans. We also chose specific words like "Love" "Hate" "Hope" "Change" "Fear" "Pain" "Life" "Death" and "Justice" to help show that we have heard all your voices and we are here to stand up for what you believe in. The video ends with a shot of myself throwing a Molotov and not knowing where it goes was on purpose to resemble not knowing when the next tragedy will happen in this world. We wanted this song to mean something more than just music and words scribbled on paper. With everything we created we feel we did this movement justice and proud of what we said and did.

“Eight46” is more than just a song, it has so many symbolic Easter eggs hidden within the title itself and the lyrics which, if you take the time to notice it will speak volumes. I even took a road trip from Chicago to visit George Floyd’s Memorial in Minneapolis, Minnesota to soak in everything that I felt so strongly about. I felt I couldn’t just release this song without knowing where it all ended and where it all began. We took a lot of time to release this and respect all the underlining hate in civil justice. Everything we put together we wanted it to mean something more, including the way we phrased the song title by spelling out the number as “Eight” to show the dramatic length it took to take a life and end it with the “46” to symbolize how quick it ended (as well as being George Floyd's age at death). Also, the chorus' final statement of “Let them hear your voices proud as the new Daffodils” helps grasp onto a daffodil, which symbolizes rebirth, a new beginning, spring and change - a image that we feel voices the reason that something needs to change now. We wrote this song to help voice how we feel and to reach others that feel the same way. For standing up for what we believe in, even if we sometimes feel our voices don’t matter."


Forming back in 2017, EGxBH, more formally known as Eugeine Grey and The Bad Habits, has taken charge of their own unique dark, rolling melodies and blood pumping rock sound to new levels of evolution. Blossoming into a raw and wonderfully unpolished sound that skins tones to that of All Them Witches, Highly Suspect, Local H, Clutch, Queens of the Stone Age, Tool, and Rage Against The Machine. A talented four-piece collaboration of Patrick Goray (Guitar/Vox), Mike Arturi (Percussion), Brad Haptas (Bass), and Shaun Meek (Lead Guitar), the band took to the local Chicago scene like a house on fire with the debut release “Altered Beings” in June 2020 gaining supporting roles for Local H, Puddle Of Mudd, FUEL, and Tantric. EGXBH has been pushing their sound to the limit with an illustrative, mesmerizing, captivating example of hard-hitting, rock-n-roll-- an unstoppable force and voice that the world so desperately needs today.






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