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Band Set To Livestream Set on Youtube This Saturday Oct. 24 at 8pm CST/6PM PST

St. Louis’ Discrepancies just released their brand new album “The Rise.” This record is jam-packed with hit after hit, appealing to a very broad audience with a little something for everyone. Leading up to this release, the band had dropped 5 singles ('Control', 'Undertow', 'Light Up the Dark', 'Blame Me', & 'Crawling Back') that were all massively successful, each one building on the hype from the last, building anticipation for this release.

The new album marks a major triumph for the group after suffering big losses along the way, but instead of backing down, they continued to press forward.

I put my demons on display and I let you explore, in hopes that maybe just maybe one day it'll help you with yours.

“With our new album releasing, I just want to say thank you to everyone who's been on this journey with us. One thing I can say for certain is we've touched a lot of hearts out there and have even inspired some. We've traveled the country and made a ton of friends along the way.

2019 and 2020 threw every wrench it could at our plans and it honestly took its toll on us both physically and mentally. Things don't always go how you want them to but we refuse to break. Put in the work and don't forget to enjoy the journey. If you ever came to a show, bought a shirt, shared a video, or simply spotted one of us out in public and told us you liked the music, I got nothing but love for you. Thank you.

Last but certainly not least: Thank you Matthew Amelung, we love you and we miss you. This day is yours as well my friend. You may not be here in physical form but you're with us forever.” - Antonio

Stream "The Rise" here:

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