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CULT OF LUNA 2 tracks "The Sweep" "Light Chaser" reviews

When our alien overlords come to take over the planet, I hope the mothership has a rad sound system, and I hope they are playing Cult of Luna.  If you have read my commentary before, you know I have a sensory anomaly that makes me see color when I hear music.  It's tough to describe.  Basically a single stimulus elicits two responses instead of one.  It makes listening to music a full on sensory trip because I am incapable of just listening.  How does this tie into Cult of Luna you ask?  They are releasing a bundle.  In this bundle is a live DVD from a performance in Paris last year.  That performance was a stunning sensory experience.  Being at that performance is a lot like being in my head when I listen to heavy music. It's called "Years in a Day".  Set to release April 21.  I won't go into any detail regarding the contents of that bundle.  You have the band website for that.  I will, however, say that it is an amazing package of content, and a most memorable experience for people without my screwy wiring.  If you have screwy wiring like me, put Cult of Luna on your life're let's talk about two tracks on the dvd. (You can thank youtube for that) "The Sweep"   "Light Chaser" "The Sweep" is the soundtrack to standing on a highrise apartment balcony at twilight, watching a towering alien ship ascend over the horizon and steadily float your direction.  It is equal parts fear of the unknown and relief over leaving behind a doomed planet.  It is also a great towering room full of gunmetal blue spires that stretch to infinity with each accent in the music while keyboard notes and effects dance frantic but steady across the blackness at my feet. There's a sense of lifting ever so slowly from the dirt to higher things and higher plains.  Once you lift completely into the air and break the bonds of gravity, "Light Chaser" begins with a warp speed jump forward, skimming over an up tempo keyboard line and guitar chord progressions that slowly resonate to the deepest parts of the human brain.  The drums stand strong, never overpowering, pulsing like a heartbeat that pushes the unseen force sent to sweep you forward through the atmosphere. Vocals. This is something that could only be delivered just as it was in the live performance, with a single vertical beam of light amongst the fog and dimmed blue, defining shadows that delivered screams and growls that both quake in the ear and keep steady the speeding wave of sound from each instrument. Long story short, if, at two songs in, you don't feel like you're on a trip through space, then ditch your distractions and sit with yourself and some noise canceling headphones.  Then press play again.  This is music to be experienced.   The Sweep Hail falls Burn like fire Hate turns The swell The end Light Chaser With every hour our bond is forged. I shimmer to open the sky We transcend together and leave everything behind Onward. Forward This ascension, a progression towards the void above ***Lyrics courtesy of a random web search....... Once the bundles are released in April, I will resurrect this entry and cover the rest of the Paris performance.  Dear Universe, Manipulate the future and give us a co-headlining tour with TiD and Cult of Luna.  Please?  I may never return to Earth after that. Sincerely, SRF Later kids, Shelly



• A 2-hour DVD captured in Paris last year at La Gaîté Lyrique.

• 2 live CDs from Roadburn Festival 2013 and 2016. 

• A 20 page booklet.

• Download-code for HD video of the entire Paris show + audio files. 

• All combined in a stunning 10-inch vinyl sized trifold package.

• Strictly 7000 copies only on

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