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CHAOSEUM, the Swiss group that revives Nu Métal

The Swiss band,Chaoseum, made some tumult recently with the release of their single "Smile Again". The music video was released via Spaceuntravel and cumulated, to this day, more than two million views on Youtube! Their secret? An influence that oozes Korn all along the song! However, it would be a mistake to restrict them to it... Welcome to the museum of Chaos!

Watch ¨Smile Again¨ music video:

Formed in 2018, Chaoseum is, originally, the project of Loïc Duruz (guitar and bass) and Valery Veings (guitar). Lola Van Lo (vocals) and Greg Turini (drums) joined the squad to complete it. This quartet already had a bottle together because all of them were part of Elferya, a symphonic metal band.

In September, they released their first album: First Step To Hell. The eleven-track album was recorded at the Chaos Studio and mixed by Izakar at the Full Metal Studi. The album cover is signed by Gustavo Sazes (Arch Enemy, Epica, Exodus...).

Watch Chaoseum´s music video ¨Lilith¨ :

In February 2019, Chaoseum set off on a US tour alongside Soulfly, Kataklysm and Incite for seven dates.

When they returned, a line-up change took place: Lola Van Lo disappeared and CK Smile replaced her.

Upon his arrival in the formation, the title "First Step To Hell" is re-recorded.

By creating his character, CK Smile is inspired in a first time by Jeff The Killer (the protagonist of many stories creepy pasta eponyms). From this appearance follows an obvious link with the character of the Joker with whom he likes to play.

The singer is lucky to be very versatile. With Chaoseum, it´s CK Smile´s first time singing because, in reality, he´s a guitarist. That doesn´t hold, the vocal perfomance is there! His stamp is particular: according to the piece, he sound´s more like Jonathan Davis (Korn) as on "Smile Again", Layne Thomas Staley (Alice In Chains) or Aaron Lewis (Staind) in acoustic versions. Nevertheless, CK Smile makes "CK Smile" and does not want in any case the imitation of another. He considers it an honor to be endowed with such a voice. He navigates between growl, scream and clean voice with a fascinating ease!

This is it, Chaoseum has reached its current composition.

For the second concert with CK Smile, the band makes the first part of Eluveitie in Lausanne and takes the opportunity to record a limited edition of "Live in Hell - Les Docks de Lausanne 2019".

In September 2019, Tarja (ex-Nightwish) was assisted for a successful Russian tour.

Then Xvive offered them a partnership, and thanks to this, Chaoseum flew to the US in early 2020 to represent the brand in Los Angeles at the NAMM Show (the largest professional music equipment show in the world). Before returning to their flat country, the group took a trip by the legendary Whisky a Go Go to perform.

On September 25, 2020, the album Second Life is unveiled. It was recorded at the Chaos Studio in the Conatus Studio. It was mixed by Gwen Kerjan from the Slab Sound Studio and, of course, Gustavo Sazes took care of the cover again.

Second Life was released on June 18th but this time it’s an acoustic album!

Watch the video for "Into My Split":

"Korn, Deftones, Mudvayne, American Head Charge, Incubus... All of these guys in the 90s invented something. Now, it's time for the legacy." - CK Smile, TruExact Show, Ep 10

Recently, in June of this yeat, Antoine de Caunes met them for his Gaule d'Antoine show at Swiss Metal Chocolate. The next stage of the band will be at the Czech Death Coffee Party on August 20 and 21, 2021. From October, a European tour awaits them with Fleshgood Apocalypse.

Chaoseum´s songs are apocalyptic and disturbing but the band disrupts the current habits of Nu Metal and Metalcore. Each song is a message that we are invited to decipher and understand.

Keep your smile, motherfucker!

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