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cellar darling interview

CELLAR DARLING : Anna, Merlin et Ivo

This summer was very productif for you guys, you left Eluveitie but you came with Cellar darling, why did you choose this name ? (que représente ce nom pour vous?)

Anna: As you may know this was the name of my solo album. I've always liked the combination of words and felt it was a good band name. The others agreed and it just somehow felt right. The meaning behind the name is that all the melodies and ideas we've had over the years and could never use are finally brought to light.

How do you feel today?

Merlin: Very good! Our single has been out for a couple of weeks, and the reactions have really blown us away - from fans, friends, and colleagues! We can't wait to see what the future brings now...

“Challenge” is out now, could you tell me more about the concept?

Anna: Challenge is about an inner struggle and facing your fears. Musically I wanted to merge an orchestral, hymnic dance with a harsh and aggressive cry for battle.

The actress is just amazing, how was the video shooting of “Challenge”?

Anna: Yes she is! It was very spontaneous. We had a general idea of what we wanted to do, but most ideas just developed on the spot. The video is completely self-made by us.

Merlin: It was a great experience - as you say, Fabienne Fellmann did an outstanding job. We did the video ourselves - Anna wrote the concept and directed, I did the videography and editing, and the whole band was there on the day. The fact that Fabienne has the ability to portray emotions extremely convincingly for the camera has really helped bringing our ideas to life - especially since this was a first for all of us, previously we only stood in front of the cameras.

What about the album, are you work on it?

Anna: Yes, we are currently writing songs and it's going really well. We have never been more motivated and creative!

Merlin: I can second that 100%! This is also a new experience for us in that we are doing a lot of writing together in the rehearsal room, which didn't really happen in our previous band. I'm amazed at how well it is going - and it feels good to see prove that the three of us really do have something special.

You were very well received by your fans in Australia, how was the experience?

Anna: Amazing! The fans there are so open-minded and just kind. It felt very rewarding.

What about touring in Europe?

Are you gonna start soon?

Anna: Yes, we are currently planning some things.

Merlin: ...a first show has already been confirmed, actually: on the 17th of December, we are playing in Amsterdam together with Anneke Van Giersbergen's 'The Gentle Storm'. I can also say that we are talking to the promoter of many Eluveitie shows in France in the past, and are hoping to announce something very soon!

To Anna : the sound of your solo project is different from your new work with “Cellar Darling” how it work for you as an artist?

Anna: Yes, I want to keep those two projects very separate regarding the sound. Cellar Darling is a perfect blend of Merlin, Ivo and myself, it's a band. Anna Murphy is just me and it's there to experiment.

What looks like a day in Anna Murphy's head? À quoi ressemble une journée dans la tête d’Anna Murphy ?

Anna: Always very different. It all depends on my mood... But mostly my day is filled with music.

What do you think about metal industry today?

Anna: It's not something I really think about, but the metal scene has so many dedicated fans and that is something we should all cherish. The general support and also the fact that they support bands by going to live shows etc. is something that is saving us during times where the music industry is going through some heavy changes.

Merlin: thinking about the industry part of things is kind of my specialty, and I for one am extremely optimistic. Sure, the music industry in general has hit a rough patch in recent years, but I think those times are over - right now is an exciting time to be a musician, there have never been so many opportunities to create music and share it with the world! Metal in particular is an incredibly lively and productive scene, with particularly rich opportunities for touring and festivals.

Thanks for this new song “Challenge”, Fire, Wind & Earth is an awesome song too, what next for Cellar Darling ? and what could we wish to you guys ?

Anna: Lots and lots of songwriting and then eventually our first live show in Amsterdam in December supporting the wonderful Anneke Van Giersbergen with "The Gentle Storm". :)

Merlin: We are incredibly happy that our first songs have been received so well, and cannot wait to share more music with the world - so that's what's next! Other than that we can't wait to hit the road again, so if you want to wish for something, perhaps it could be a show near you!

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