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Since her first EP Mythic in 2015, Mothica has come a little way. In 2020, the artist independently dropped her debut album Blue Hour and took advantage of the lockdown to start a TikTok page. Some of her tracks have become viral like "Clear" with Pusher remixed by Shawn Wasabi last May. But today, we're bringing up her cover of the iconic Bring Me The Horizon's "Can You Feel My Heart" released last March!

Watch Mothica's "Can You Feel My Heart":

Mothica, or McKenzie Ellis, dropped a snippet of her cover on March 11, 2021 on her TikTok. The same day, Bring Me The Horizon made a duet with it which totally validated her version. That's what is called pure recognition for the singer coming from Oklahoma.

"After posting a tiktok of my idea for this song, the band approved of the full version! I am so honored, and I hope you like my spin on it." - Mothica

As far as I am concerned, the first listening felt kind of strange. In the sense that "Can You Feel My Heart" is a track that I, as many I guess, used to listen on repeat and therefore that I know almost by heart. This is the sort of songs we're scared to find out a poor cover made out of it. So, why "strange"? Well, because I got strangely conquered actually.

Contrary to Oliver Sykes, Mothica's voice is a female one, which implies a vocal performance slightly different (thank me later for this obviousness). McKenzie's tone depicts a clear fragility. The voice effect adds some saturation bringing the tortured atmosphere of Oliver's scream back to us. When Bring Me The Horizon is on edge and all in power, Mothica chooses softness and delicacy. The female singer also modified the lyrics. However, the text isn't perverted: it has even revamped. It is the same for the instrumental the young woman reworked.

Regarding the visual aspect through the music video, Mothica is far from the brownish colors and the abandoned building in which a man runs away from the Disease. In the cover music video, the only visible person is the artist. She is stuck in a room which seems to be out of time. All is red and gold, like devouring passions. The image is sometimes blurred as if we cried or were under certain substances. The light oscillates between some flashy white and deeper red. Mothica probably stages a dark part of her life she has succeeded to overcome.

In short, Mothica is a brilliant and talented independent artist. With this cover, the young woman proves her genius which has alreday been acclaimed by Bring Me The Horizon! She freshens up "Can You Feel My Heart" for everyone's pleasure.





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