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Bad Omens: The Band To Watch in 2021

Dernière mise à jour : 20 mars 2021

Bad Omens is definitely the band to keep an eye on in 2021. If you have never heard of these guys, then you should find God before God finds you (yes, that's a reference)

They are currently topping the charts with their single "Limits" from the band's January 17, 2020 release of FINDING GOD BEFORE GOD FINDS ME.

The pandemic might have got in the way of their exposure in 2020 -as Bad Omens had to cut their DETHRONE-THE KILLED AND BORN AGAIN tour short back in March- however, it didn't stop the band from engaging with their audience.

Noah Sebastian (lead vocals) and Joakim “Jolly” Karlsson (lead guitar, vocals) have been making music production live streams on Twitch to share with their fans what Bad Omens' song-writing and post-production processes look like.

The members have also been using the free time coronavirus gave them to work on a new project: FGBGFM UNPLUGGED. The EP came out on October 29, 2020 and It features acoustic versions of their most popular songs.

Watch the official video of Never Know - Unplugged :

“When we decided to do this EP, we carefully selected what songs we thought were most important for people to hear at their core. As a band whose songs are typically built around a heavy production and a wall of heavy guitars alongside smashing drums, it was both exciting and refreshing for us to recreate our songs in this way. We hope you find yourself immersed in the stripped down side of Bad Omens on your listen through the FGBGFM stripped down EP.” _ (Noah Sebastian)

The full track list of FGBGFM UNPLUGGED is as follows:

1. Never Know - Unplugged

2.Limits - Unplugged

3.Careful What You Wish For - Unplugged

4.Mercy - Unplugged

5.Burning Out - Unplugged

6.If I'm There - Unplugged

Connect with Bad Omens on Social Media :

Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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