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Atlanta's The Carolyn Creates the Perfect Blend- Releasing “Heavy Eyes” Official video

Stream the "Heavy Eyes" video here:

Stream on all digital platforms:

Also, to join to their new video, the band has released a custom coffee brew calles "Heavy Eyes".

Buy the "Heavy Eyes" bundle which includes the band's latest album, a t-shirt, and a sample of the 'Heavy Eyes' custom brew collab with Unknown Coffee Co. on the 59 X webstore:

About The Carolyn:

The Carolyn is the timid, yet charming indie-punk trio from Atlanta, GA. The Carolyn was founded by singer/songwriter Andrew Patrick in the summer of 2016, initially as a solo project). With the addition of bassist/vocalist Oliver Conlon and drummer David Mulazzi, they’ve transformed into an indie-punk front-runner on the brink of breaking into the mainstream. The Carolyn continues to assemble a catalog of anthemic tunes that reflect the angst facing 20- somethings in small-town suburban America. Their debut LP, “This Will Begin to Make Things Right” is out now via 59 X Records and is available on 12” Vinyl at

The Carolyn is Andrew Patrick (vocals/guitar), Oliver Conlon (vocals/bass) and David Mulazzi (drums).

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