• Could you introduce your band? Music style? Label?

Amthrya represent a journey, a destination into infinite spaces, a complex and contradictory research and a continous change. Lead character is the Man and his projection into the cradle of the world and his frightening of mortality, fragility and the precarious equilibrium of it. Amthrya represent the fragility of Man, of his mind and it opens on a insanity abyss of his paranoid and of his distortion of reality. Images of Gem is the new Chapter open on this distorted vision of the World, that takes you to the madness, follies and suicide.

Before Amthrya was impronted on black metal genre. Now it’s a black death genre.

At the moment the label is Depressive Illusion.

  • Where do you come from? Story of the band? How it all started?

We are from Italy/Switzerland. Amthrya was born in 2004 as a one man band project born from an idea of Barry. In 2012 came out the first album "Authentic Way" by the label Depressive Illusion. It's a release and a tape that has for theme the suicide in an odd contest, with a symphonic black metal sound. In December 2016 Barry has started the composing of the album Incision of Gem, pointing new sounds closer to Black Death metal. In August 2017 Kasumi Onryo became the new vocalist and actually Amthrya has completed the formation with Ale MsT (Drums) and Vins (Bass Guitar). Images of Gem is coming out in 2018.

  • What is your influences? (Bands, movies...)

Kasumi Onryo: My influences in the metal music are Arch Enemy, Astarte, Septic Flesh, Death, Obscura for what it concern the technical of voice. I was fascinating with the japan legends about ghosts and demons. That’s why I choose an Onryo in which identify myself… I think that this kind of presence has most in common with the spirit of the band and I’m bound to it for many reasons. Barry:  My influences for the composing into Amthrya came from the second wave of Black metal (Dark Throne, Immortal, Dissection and Emperor). In particular for this future release I’m influenced by Korn, Tool, Slipknot and the extreme genre of 2000 mixed with Classic Black metal. Vins:  My first influences came from the Hard Rock/Heavy Metal of the 80s. After that period I enjoyed the explosion of Svedish Death metal (At the Gates in primis). For Amthrya my inspiration for the composing will came from the Old School Death metal. Ale MsT: I started listening to metal music around the end of 90s, in fact into my first listenings there are bands of Nu metal/Crossover scene. At the same time I listened to legendary band of 70s and 80s (Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Genesis). Few years later I started aprociting to extreme metal genres. Into the project Amthrya I’m taking the groovy (and with this you can imagine what kind of movies I love) style of 90s bands (Pantera for example) which is not typical in Black metal.

  • Could you tell us more about your work? Releases …?

Actually we’re working on the new album Incision of Gem. There’s a little continuity with the preview album. The Man is always the main character, but his failure is a consequence of his mind paralize. A sort of paranoia state that takes him until madness and perdition. We create this state with a surreal vision. We’re not very explicit with clear images or description into the lyrics. It’s like the onyric world of Surrealism. For the moment we had release the lyrics video of Anesthesia Survival, the Chapter 3. But for the 2018 we’ll coming out with other releases, maybe a videoclip and certanly the complete album Incision of Gem. A little exclusive news for you... we’re working on the soundtrack of an indipendent movie.

  • Also about the process of writing, composing?

Barry is the composer of Amthrya. He writes the music and then he send the material to the other members, so we can work on vocals, bass and drums parts. For the lyrics, it depends…. Sometimes Barry writes it and sometimes it’s Kasumi to do it.

Could you tell me more about your music video?

Anesthesia Survival is the Chapter 3 of Incision of Gem. We choose it for the lyrics video because it’s a particular song. It talks about the paralyzing fear. The frightening of choose, of do everything, that blocks Man into a sort ofcongealment. It become unfeeling except of fear. The representation of a man made of glass (the fragile condition) stopped in a desert except for the ebony gem (the indestructible oppression) and the day that passed by, is the perfect synthesis of the vision of this song.

  • Any tour or concerts announced? In France or Europe?

Yes. In 2018/2019. We’ll announce them at the right moment.

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