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AC/DC Announces the release of a new album "Power Up" due November 13th.

The long-time-rocking Australian band AC/DC has finally confirmed rumours about a long awaited new album.

Tittled "Power Up" the12 tracks opus will hit our ears on November 13th.

To celebrate the release, the band has posted a series of trailor videos, and finally, today the official video of " Shot In The Dark" , the third track on the upcoming album.

See the video here:

The album will be available in a series of editions from cd's to vinyl and deluxe boxes.

Tracklist : 01. Realize

02. Rejection

03. Shot In The Dark

04. Trough The Mist Of Time

05. Kick You When You're Down

06. Witch's Spell

07. Demon Fire

08. Wild Reputation

09. No Man's Land

10. Systems Down

11. Money Shot

12. Code Red

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