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August 14, 2018

Hej Vikingar !

Au cœur d’une forêt sombre et froide comme on en trouve beaucoup dans les terres nordiques, se cache une large clairière circulaire, trou béant dans l’océan d’arbres géants. Au centre de cette belle clairière à l’herbe d’un vert profond, parsemée de pâquerettes telles les étoiles dans les cieux, ce trouve un if gigantesque, enfant d’Yggdrasil,


Une parfaite union des contraires

October 27, 2018

Dans la pénombre, le visage concentré balayé par les vagues orange du reflet des flammes de l’âtre de la cheminée, je pars en tournée aux côtés de ce personnage incroyable. Dans mes oreilles raisonnent les riffs impertinents et la voix enivrante et brutale qui confectionnent l’album Ænima de Tool...



April 22, 2018

14 ans d’attente, ça fait long, évidemment, comme moi les fans de Maynard et de sa voix torturée sont certainement aux abois. Il faut dire que le monsieur sait entretenir la légende, entre « A perfect Circle » et « Tool », il a su nous rendre accro à sa vision apocalyptique du monde transportée par une musique à chaque fois étonnante.


Review by Myrt

October 18, 2017

Night Viper, un groupe Suédois formé courant 2014, qui va bientôt sortir un nouvel album (le 20 octobre prochain pour être précise chez Listenable Records )sobrement intitulé ‘Exterminator’, accompagné d’un très bel artwork représentant une femme et un serpent et faisant donc office de pochette. C’est leur deuxième album .



September 12, 2017

"The Rabbit Hole" by The Great Discord. Released September 8 on The Sign Records. Let's get to it. Shall we?

I've said before that there are two women in my goddess pantheon of female vocalists. They are Stevie Nix and Fia Kempe. Each of them in three aspects, artist, voice, woman, are the soundtrack to my very soul. A voice like Fia's could only have been born down to us from the clouds above Mt Olympus itself.

Am I gushing yet? Yeah, pretty much.....Moving on.




September 24, 2017

Les mois de Septembre et Octobre sont, comme on le sait, particulièrement chargés en terme de sorties musicales cette année. Parmi tout ce qui va arriver dans les prochaines semaines, on retrouve les bordelais de Seeds of Mary, qui viennent ‘teaser’ leur prochain album intitulé ‘The Blackbird and The Dying Sun’.

Apocalyptic States Of Art REVIEW BY MYRT

September 29, 2017

Aujourd’hui, on parle d’une sortie récente et d’un groupe français qui plus est. Arcãnum, c’est leur nom, nous livrent ici un EP intitulé Apocalyptic States Of Art. Originaires de Périgueux, c’est bien, je révise ma géographie française en rédigeant les articles, ils proposent ici leur première sortie officielle, (si on ne compte pas les démos), le tout disponible en écoute gratuite sur bandcamp et plus récemment sur youtube. 



August 02, 2017

Much change has been afoot in my wide world of weird. Ha! You just thought you were rid of me.....

Seriously, though, do you ever go through those times where no matter what you do, nothing new grabs you so you cling to the stuff you've been listening to for many months if not years?  That's been me the past few weeks.  Some upheaval on a personal level, changes in jobs, living spaces, hometown, you name it, it will wear you down rather quickly.

Then Chester died and that sort of pushed me over the edge.

Poisoned Blood review by Shelly

July 10, 2017

Somebody said OSDM and I pricked up my ears.

Yes. Old School Death Metal. My favorite kind....Though I do lean heavily toward the European idea of OSDM, I feel like this is a distinct nod in that old school direction and worthy of my attention despite my bias toward the bands from across the pond. It's brutal without being too chaotic, and technically solid without being too "math metal" (ish).

July 02, 2017

You can always hook me with a good drum intro.  The key lies in whether you can keep me hooked.  I admit, the first time I found this band, I gave it a listen because I loved their name.  My reasons are completely shallow, I know, but you have to admit, Goatwhore rolls off the tongue rather nicely. 

I'm seriously.

June 15, 2017

The overview said, quote:

"A stunning piece of ritual sludge made by psychedelic riffs and ancient tribal chanting-based vocals. " said the magic word. Riffs. Alright. Down the hole I go. If I'm not back in two hours, somebody send in a guitarist to lead me out like the pied piper.


Random Rants Of Repressed Relevance

June 08, 2017

Witness how this one played out for me:

"hmmmm, not sure if I'll like the name you say...."

"8 bit metal?"

"....looks a bit like a comic book cover"

"Latvia, cool....I remember dancing with a Latvian dude at this international cultural festival thing I went to when I was 15....he was really nice"

"Wait. Roast Dog?"

"Oh alliteration!"


The Knight of Rebellion  review by Shelly

June 01, 2017

I want to live in a castle with giant smiling skull faced towers. I would hire a few Viking-ish dudes clad in decidedly small pants, knee boots, an armored fist, and with epic blonde locks to be my guards. I would require a rad sound system for the interior as well. Wimpy speakers will simply be inadequate for the skull shaking anthems of a certain Leeds based metal band I found a while back. [READ MORE ]


May 24, 2017

Here's the crazy thing. The first play through of this album took me to this place that felt like a slow walk down the halls of an old abandoned insane asylum, peering into each room, seeing flashes of the unsettling things that happened there. I was awash in a bottomless dark grey throughout the album that was equal parts scary as hell and meditative. It was like those few darkest moments before dawn...[ READ MORE]


May 16, 2017

I went on an expedition in search of more genre blending anomalies, took a right turn in Northern Europe and ended up back in Scandinavia in a death metal mood. I like to think of it as riff therapy. Want to guess which country? [READ MORE]

May 09, 2017

Pereplut is the Slavic goddess of drinking. That's only appropriate for me because this is exactly the type of music I'd be playing out in the middle of the forest with a bonfire, several friends and a shit ton of good vodka.

Random thought.....Parts of this album sound like a rad videogame soundtrack. listening?  You should be.[READ MORE]



May 01, 2017

I suspect my reaction was a lot like others.  What? Slave spirituals and black metal combined?  Wait, metal in general and soulful music? Aren't those like oil and water?  Can anyone really make that work?  The answer is yes. [READ MORE]